September is National Preparedness Month

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Being prepared for a disaster or an unexpected situation can be a challenge. We all know how to prepare for our human emergencies, but most people don’t know how to prepare their pets for an emergency.  For us, our emergency kits include things like first aid kits and extra food and water. Believe it or not, your pets will look similar to yours.

Some items that should go inside this kit include:

  •           Extra food and water
  •           First aid supplies
  •           Food or water bowls
  •           Current medications
  •           A bed or towel for comfort
  •           Waste receptacles or kitty litter and tray
  •           Current medical records or vaccine history
  •           Secure carrier or leash with contact info
  •           A photo of your pet in case they get lost


Ensuring that your pet is equipped with a microchip is another excellent way to stay prepared. If for some reason you get separated from your pet, the reunification process is easier and more successful if your pet has been microchipped.  Come in today to get a microchip! We even register the chip in-hospital for you with your provided information.

Keeping enough food on hand can be tough sometimes. We’re all guilty of waiting until the last meal before we go out to purchase more food for our furry friends. In an ideal world, it is good to keep at least 1 week supply of extra food for your pet on-hand at all times. Our online store can help with that! We offer shipping straight to your front door and you can employ automatic shipping so that you’ll always be prepared.

For further information on first aid preparedness, see Veterinary Partner. They have great informational articles like an Introduction to First Aid and Transporting an Injured Pet, as well as Helping Animals in a Disaster.

As the seasons change, allergies continue to flare. Be prepared to fight fleas all year long by continuing on flea prevention even after the summer months.