July - It's Getting Hot Hot Hot!!!

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Summer is here and it’s heating up!

Dogs and cats are susceptible to the warmer weather in more ways than just one.

As the weather gets warmer, we begin to see more pesky parasites bothering us and our pets.

Fleas- Does the flea season ever really end in Humboldt County? Stop in today and ask our receptionists about the various flea prevention options for your pets. We recommend being on flea prevention year round, especially if your companion has sensitive skin.

Ticks- Tick season is in full swing! The best way to prevent tick borne disease is to keep your pets on prevention every month.  Stay on designated trails, avoid tall grasses, and do periodic body checks for ticks after long hikes/camping trips/walks in the dune grasses.

Mosquitoes (HEARTWORM DISEASE!)- The warmer months mean more mosquitoes! Besides being a nuisance to humans, mosquitoes can carry and transmit heartworm disease. We recommend testing annually and keeping your dog on prevention every month.

Heat stroke- Even with the windows cracked, cars can heat up quickly. Never leave your pet in a vehicle during the summer months even on the coast where it is a little breezier.  Always provide shade and plenty of water for your animals.